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Stop and Smell the Daisies…
Daisy Encens’s mission is to create connections between parents and kids by turning bath times into moments of pure joy for the whole family. The secret to those connections is stopping to smell the daisies. We wanted to blow a hole through daily chores and to get to the connection underneath where time with our children is naturally infused with surprise, creativity, and a bit of magic.
Powered by nature
Unlock the power of natural ingredients with us.
Daisy Encens bath bombs are all made according to all-natural, food-grade recipes with skin moisturizing coconut oil and shea butter, and are scented with non-toxic essential oils.
You can find our commitment to nature in our biodegradable packaging, from the box to the wrappers to the packing peanuts. That’s what being natural means to us.
Inspire Creativity and Imaginations
Daisy Encens bath bombs come in creative shapes that ignite kids’ imaginations, and surprising colors and hidden toys that offer tons of teachable moments. Inspiring child-like creativity during bath time for kids and kids-at-heat is a huge part of our mission.
Building connections
Our main goal with Daisy Encens bath bombs is to help build deeper, richer connections with our kids. Each bomb is an explosion of special moments that bring us closer. Moments when little faces light up. Moments in which we make memories together of intimacy, closeness, and connection. Those moments are the essence of Daisy Encens.
Pure Joy for the Whole Family
At the end of the day, the Daisy Encens message is all about creating the most out of the precious moments with our kids by using natural ingredients in brilliant bath bombs that help us connect more closely.
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