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Q: Where can I sell DAISY ENCENS products?

A: Anywhere you’d like, except for 3rd party marketplaces including, but not limited to, Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress.  


Q: May I sell DAISY ENCENS products on Amazon?

A: No. We prohibit the sale of DAISY ENCENS products on all 3rd party marketplaces.


Q: May I sell DAISY ENCENS products on my own independent website?

A: Yes.  


Q: May I sell DAISY ENCENS products to other wholesale customers?  

A: Yes.  


Q: Can you grant me exclusivity in selling DAISY ENCENS products in my area?

A: Maybe!  While we may grant such exclusivity, its approval will depend on your current area and business model.  Please contact us and we can discuss to see if we are a good fit for each other.  


Q: Can you supply me product images for my promotional purposes?

A: Yes.  As an official distributor of DAISY ENCENS, you are automatically entitled to this helpful service at no cost.





Q: What product types do you carry?

  • Essential Oil
  • Gel Nail Polish
  • Eye Cream



Q: Do your packaging and labelling comply with E.U. standards and regulations?

A: Yes, we strictly adhere to the legal requirements of the E.U.  Every piece of information that needs to be displayed to our consumers on our packaging and labels will be shown, including:

  • Content in the English language
  • Product name/INCI International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients name
  • Net weight or volume
  • Production batch code or lot number
  • Country of origin
  • Name and address of exporter, distributor, and/or manufacturer
  • Date of manufacture
  • Best-before date
  • Recommended storage conditions
  • Maximum period-after-opening
  • Various symbols

Q: Do your packaging and labelling comply with U.S.A. F.D.A. Food and Drug Administration standards and regulations?

A: Yes.  There is no mentioning of medical-related or likewise sensitive wording.  


Q: Can you please show me a sample of your labels?  

A: Yes, upon request, after you’ve filled in the Authorized Distributor Application Form and have been approved.


Q: Do your products come with UPC Universal Product Codes or EAN European/International Article Numbers?  

A: Yes, they do.  


Q: Do your packaging and labelling come with expiry date, best before date, and lot number?

A: Yes, they do, as per European legal requirements.  


Q: Can I display my own company name (and address and phone number) as the distributor?  

A: Yes, you can.  Each unique label design will be subject to a charge of USD75.  


Q: Can I print the labels in languages other than English?  

A: Yes, if you can provide the (translated) text.  Each unique label design will be subject to a charge of USD100.  Per flavour MOQ 500 single bottles.  Per themed set MOQ 200 sets.  


Q: How long does it take to deliver?

A: Production lead time is 3 weeks, upon payment clearance.  


Q: Can you create private label for me?

A: No.  Sorry.  



Q: From what country will my goods be shipped?

A: Your goods will be shipped straight from our factory warehouse here in Southern China.  


Q: How do you pack your goods?  What are the dimensions and max weights of your boxes?

A: Upon request, we will provide you a table complete with box dimensions and all related shipping details.  


Q: Can I appoint my own shipping agent or freight forwarder?  

A: Yes, you can, if you ask your agent to come and pick up the good from our factory warehouse.  We would then bill you on an ex-factory/warehouse basis.  


Q: What methods of shipping can we choose from?

  • Courier services:  DHL, FedEx, TNT. 
  • By sea

We prefer to make monthly shipments exclusively by sea, so that you get to keep the money that you would have normally given to courier providers.


Q: Can you provide MSDS Materials Safety Data Sheet?

A: Yes, upon request, after you’ve filled in the Authorized Distributor Application Form and have been approved.





Q: What is your MOQ?

A: Per order basis:  USD 5,000 (excluding the cost of shipping)
    Per themed set basis:  100 sets.


Q: How can I get a firm quotation?

A: Just fill in the RFQ request for quotation form and we will respond within 48 hours.  


Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

 A: PayPal
     Credit card via PayPal
     Direct bank-to-bank transfer


Q: Can I come and visit your office or factory?

A: Yes, you are welcome.  We’d love to meet you!  So please be our guest. Please write to or call us to arrange a visit.  


If you couldn't find the answer above, please contact us at distributors@daisyencens.com or call us at

    +1-(424)-625-2228    Monday–Friday 9:00 am–9:00 pm PST

    (This number was only for distributors inquiry, other inquiries please click here to contact us)

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