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Daisy Encens Kids Bath Bomb About Us Colorful Bath BombDaisy Encens Kids Bath Bomb About Us Colorful Bath Bomb

About Us

Daisy symbolizes innocence and purity, Encens is French for fragrance. Daisy Encens is a nature-inspired global brand with a deep heritage in health and personal care. Daisy Encens aims to create fun and healthy personal care products for kids in a sustainable way with honest ingredients, ecofriendly package alongside pure joy and creativity. In order to do that, we are committed to source the best ingredients which are natural, vegan, fair trade and most importantly bring freshness and health to our customers.

Daisy Encens Kids Bath Bomb CREATIVE Daisy Encens Kids Bath Bomb CREATIVE
Daisy Encens Kids Bath Bomb INNOCENT Daisy Encens Kids Bath Bomb INNOCENT
Daisy Encens Kids Bath Bomb NATURAL Daisy Encens Kids Bath Bomb NATURAL

One of our signature products, bath bombs, are created in such a way that our customers and their kids feel relaxed and happy through different senses when they are taking a bath. While our customers enjoy the fizzy, colorful splashes and the pleasant scent from essential oils, they also receive the health benefits and skin nourishment.

Brand Mission

At Daisy Encens, we believe that personal care routines can be fun, beneficial to body and soul, and sustainable to the environment at the meantime. With our dedication to sustainability, we hope to leave our children a planet they can be proud of.


We are committed to sustainability and circularity for a better and greener planet that we live in. We are extremely careful when choosing ingredients and all the products from Daisy Encens are vegan and not tested on animals.

We are responsible for the impact that our packaging has on customers’ experiences and the earth, and have a long, proud history of innovating to remove packaging where we can. Most of our packaging are bio-degradable.

Product Safety

We never lose sight of the fact that product safety is significant to upholding our consumers’ trust and expectations. When it comes to personal care products for kids and families, we always place the highest priority on product safety. In addition to meeting all legal requirements and mandatory, we set our rigorous self-regulatory assurance process for all Daisy Encens products. Our quality and safety standards are applied at every stage of production, from sourcing ingredients to manufacturing procedures and product quality control. We are open to the scrutiny of regulators and consumer groups. All Daisy Encens products maintain GMP manufacturing standard, receive ISO certifications and Vegan certifications.

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