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Top 4 Expert Tips for Kids Bath Time



Bath Time may not be complicated, but there’s a lot to know to make the best bath times for your little ones! DAISY ENCENS puts together some scientific facts that is worth knowing for young parents like you. Discover 4 expert tips for creating the most enjoyable bath for our little ones!



Best Bath Time Length is 20 minutes.


Bath time engages sight, smell, and touch so kids can get maximum positive stimulation.


Babies naturally focus during bath time, making it an ideal part of the day for learning Post-bath cuddles help calm kids.


Keep in mind that quality bath time doesn’t necessarily mean a long duration of time. Multiple studies show that the perfect time frame should be less than 20 minutes.




Best Bath Temperature for Kids is 99.5°Fahrenheit.


For toddlers and small children, the ideal bath water temperature is between 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius), and the best way to ensure that the water is exactly these temperatures is by using a floating bath thermometer. Most parents check the temperature with their elbow or wrist, but even though the water is comfortable for you, it may not be good for your baby or small child. Therefore, thermometer is in fact the best option, and you can easily get them online.




Best Bath pH Level for Kid is 5.5-7


Bath time can release a flood of feel-good endorphins to make kids relax, also it helps raise bath waters’ pH to make it less acidic. It’s so important in our day-to-day life which us as adult never really notice about it. But for babies and toddlers a small level of changes can have a huge impact on their skin dryness, sensitivity, and infections (few cases). If skin’s pH rises into alkaline range it’s natural state will be destroyed. Scientific speaking, Water has pH value 7 which is neutral and the the pH value ranging from 0-7 is acidic and the 7-14 is alkaline. pH testing kit price ranges from $12-$20, and yes you may have to buy them separately unless the thermometer measurements was in there too.




Best Bath Frequency for Kids is 2-3 Times a Week.


Babies, toddlers and little kiddo their delicate skin doesn’t need daily cleansing, but when they do, it has to be a good one. Joan Tamburro, DO, a Dermatologist from Cleveland Clinic, gives us a hint on how often you should bathe your kids. Parents watch their kids outside on the playground, swimming pool, touching mud and getting dirt is irrevocable. It makes sense to hit the tub when they need you. Many kids have eczema, which causes the skin to become dry, red and oh-so-itchy. You might think too-frequent bathing could irritate the condition. But in reality, Dr. Tamburro says, “research suggests people with eczema should bathe more often.


Bath time usually uses less water than a shower, so it is environmentally friendly,too.



Benefits of Using Bath Bombs


Daisy Encens' extra-mild recipes is good for the most sensitive skin. The organic, skin-loving ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter and calendula flower work perfectly together to gently cleanse, soothe and nourish kids' skin. Explore some of the popular bath bombs here.


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