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Our bath bombs are safe for kids, here's why

Kids’skin are sensitive, easy to turn dry and redness; it is essential to use the right skin care products.



Children tend to have more sensitive skin than adults. Therefore, preventing excessive dryness, irritation and sensitivity are essential properties parents should check when choosing the correct bath products.


Daisy Encens bath bombs are made of Shea Butter, Sea Salt, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Organic Essential Oils. We exclude chemicals such as dyes and artificial fragrances when sourcing our ingredients. Instead, we use fruit extracts.


Here you might think about the traditional way: a high-speed blender, adding a few drops of water to make it dilute and smooth. Nope. We make our bath bombs by drying up the fruit extracts.


All Natural Colorant Extracted from Fruits and Vegetables



Chances are when you rush into the grocery store there you saw some ready-to-eat dried banana and strawberry mix on the shelf in which wrapped in a paper ziplock bag because it has no water in it, that's exactly how we blend them and make it vivid and colorful in powder shapes. You may be curious how DAISY ENCENS makes fruit powders so inexpensive and accessible to consumers like you. The answer is we buy fruits in bulk from local farmers (whose livelihood relies on supermarkets like Kroger and Sam’s Club), and since now and then we worked with different farmers across the country helping them grow their fruit businesses by diversifying into beauty products - and that’s exactly what we aim for.


Sea Salt and its Benefits



Natural sea salts with high magnesium elements are one of the most ideal ingredients to be added to baths for those with stress issues. Getting enough sodium, regardless of the type of salt it's from, is important for sterilization and hydration. Some research suggests it may also speed up your digestion and improve skin issues when added to baths.


All Natural Essential Oils + Benefits



Except for monetizing benefits, coconut oil is best known for its rich Vitamin E complements. 1 tablespoon contains approximately 0.01mg of Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), amazingly about such little amount of moisture is just enough for improving vitamin E levels for your skin. Sometimes skin care products that include both vitamin C and E cost more, but Vitamin E bath bombs can be a huge bargain, especially for daily shower use.


Calendula Flower - Cool Down our Body



“Yeet Hay” is a traditional Eastern science that describes an internal heat that flows inside the human body that sometimes may cause symptoms like a canker sore, sore throat, and less energy during the daytime. Foods such as spicy and fried chicken and chips sometimes may build up heat inside you, therefore calendula flower tea is the best way to cool your body down. Daisy Encens bath bombs that are derived from calendula flowers are more alkaline (pH Levels 9.0) as they can cool down the foods that are considered “yeet hay” and acidic. Meanwhile, calendula also helps fight stress and anti-allergy, too.


Bath Bombs vs Skin Moisturizer



Bath bombs include ingredients with moisturizing properties like shea butter, coconut oil, and calendula oil are more likely to be absorbed by the skin than skin care products.


Shea butter and coconut oil (our bath bombs include more variety of active ingredients than usual) actually spread better throughout warm water and reach more of the body and absorb more readily given the higher temp. Skin's pores open more in higher temperature and when skin is dap. Also, the length of time in the bath makes it absorbs moisturizers more easily as well. Compared to traditional moisturizers, which gets rubbed off on clothing easily, are rarely left on for long enough, and are not as easily absorbed by room temperature or dry skin.


Daisy Encens offers many bath bombs you can use in your home that are as relaxing and luxurious as your tub and have numerous skin benefits. The bath bombs come in different sizes, like gift boxes and single ones. Browse more items at the link here.


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