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Getting the Most Out of Moisturizers: Your Trusted Cream Might Not Be What You Think

You have probably never really thought of bath bombs as a way to moisturize your or your little ones’ skin but with the right ingredients, bath bombs not only help clean, they do a better job of moisturizing than those high-priced bottles of specialized creams! How can that be? Well, there are a couple of not-so-secret secrets that explain why…


They All Use the Same Ingredients! 

Moisturizing all starts with ingredients – that’s no big surprise – but what you might not know is that almost all moisturizers use the same basic moisturizing ingredients. The top two on the list are the same ingredients used in Daisy Encens bath bombs: shea butter and coconut oil! All those fancy looking creams in luxurious bottles with big price tags include very, very small amounts of specialized chemicals to make themselves a little bit different from their competitors, but the foundation of all their recipes are the same natural ingredients you will find in our bath bombs!


Moisturizers Need Time to Work!

It takes time for moisturizers to work their magic on skin. You can’t simply rub it on and go; you have to let it sit and seep in. But who squirts moisturizer on themselves and sits for 20 minutes waiting for it to sink in? Nobody! The beauty of including natural moisturizers in Daisy Encens bath bombs is that kids (and adults who like to treat themselves!) stay in the water long enough for the ingredients to actually work. It takes about 20 minutes – just about the same amount of time as the average bath! 


Without Time, Moisturizers Rub Off!

Most people rub down with moisturizing cream and then put their clothes on, but their moisturizer is actually getting rubbed off before it can benefit their skin! Not only do they lose the benefits of using the moisturizer, but they also dirty and damage their clothes in the process. The easiest solution to this problem? Infuse bathwater with those moisturizing ingredients and have a good soak! 


 Moisturizers Work Better When Warm! 

Moisturizers work by seeping into skin through the pores – tiny windows in the skin that open and close based mostly on body temperature. When you or your child soak in a nice, warm bath, the skin’s pores open up and all the moisturizers that have foamed out into the bathwater start to penetrate, nourish, and protect the skin. The warm, relaxing feeling of the bath helps guarantee proper absorption of moisturizers, which is perfect when you use all-natural ingredients!


Moisturizers Work Better When Wet! 

 The whole point of moisturizers is to seal in moisture, and the best time to do that is when your skin is wet…like when you’re taking a bath! And if you have ever tried to moisturize every part of your or your child’s skin, you know it’s practically impossible. Moisturizing with bath bombs makes this nearly impossible task so simple because the moisturizing ingredients diffuse throughout the bathwater and reach everywhere the water reaches; no stretching required from you or your little one!


Truth be told, there are more reasons that moisturizing in the bath is more effective and efficient than moisturizing with creams, but these are really the most important points to know. We hope revealing these secrets has opened your eyes to how you can better moisturize your and your loved ones’ skins, and that you can all enjoy the benefits of healthier, more nourished, more protected skin.


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